Lichtmaschine G01 Generator KAWASAKI NORTON ,SUZUKI

Artikelnummer: G01

Lichtmaschine G01 Generator KAWASAKI NORTON ,SUZUKI

Kategorie: Generator/Lichtmaschine

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G01 Generator / Lichtmaschine
Outer Diameter: 93mm
Inner diameter: 35mm
Thickness through hole: 18mm

HONDA:Dylan SES125 (Scooter)
KAWASAKI:KLX250, ZXR400, GT550* (also see G11), ZX6(600) Ninja (98 on), KZ650/E1/F1, SR650, Z650F/LTD/SR, GPZ750 A1/A3/UNITRAK, GT750* (also see G2), Z750E/E1, ZR750* (also see G2), Z1000/MK2/ST/JRK, ZG1200* (also see G3), Z1300
NORTON:Commander, F1, Rotary* (also see G2)
SUZUKI:CS125, GS250/400E/F/T/425/450E/L/500E/550L, GSX250, RF400* (also see G7), AN650, GR650, GS650GL/GT/Katana, GSX750E/L/LS/ET, GT750* (also see G2), GS850GL/GT, GS1000, GSX1100
* Note - there are two generators that fit these bikes, please check the measurements on your existing generator against the measurements listed for our generators (this is displayed under the product info tab).