Digitale Tachos

Die Tachos sind in silber und stealth (schwarz) erhältlich.
Die verschiedenen Sets enthalten für die speziellen Fahrzeuge
alle benötigen Kabel und Anschlüsse Plug & Drive.

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 15055466

Vapor/Vector/Striker Master Reset

This will reset all of you information and settings in the unit so make sure you write all of this info down before you perform the reset.

Press and hold all three buttons down for three seconds to enter the data setting mode.
Once there using the mode button progress to the tire size.
At the tire size enter 9110 using the left and right had buttons to increment the digits.
Immediately after entering the new tire size press and hold the right hand button down for three second.
This should move to a screen with ( 12HR ) flashing on it.
As soon as this is displayed you will want to hold down the right hand button again after about five seconds RESET will display on the screen.
All you have to do is not press any of the buttons and then the unit will reset. Next all of the LCD segments will light up and then all you will have to do is press the mode button and you will be back at the main screen.